Fun With Omegle

If you haven’t heard, Omegle is a text based chatting site that connects you with random people around the world. It’s basically like Chatroullete except without the penises.  The interesting thing about Omegle is that it’s an incredible simple set up. Now, I’m not very knowledgeable with HTML/AJAX/JavaScript/All that webby stuff, so take what I say with a grain of salt. But it Omegle basically has a bunch of different which follow the pattern “”.

The possible values of “???” are

“start” gives you a six digit id composed of numbers, letters, sometimes underscores and then finds you a partner. An example of an id number is “4WWFZh”

“typing” is used to inform your partner you are typing. It’s sent automatically when you begin typing. This script takes your omegle id as input, with variable name id. The id is sent with the HTML GET method.

Sends a message. Takes the id and the message, with variable name msg, as input. Once again, uses GET

Disconnects you. Takes the id as input. Uses GET.

“events” is a list of occurrences that happened since you last checked them. That is, it is cleared after you load it each time. The different possible events are “waiting”, “connected”, “gotMessage”, “strangerDisconnected”, “stoppedTyping”, “recaptchaRequired”, “recaptchaRejected”.  Takes id as input. GET.

Using all this information, it is very easy to create a program that interfaces with omegle. So I did. I chose to do it in python because of all the languages I program in, it has the easiest to use web library. Thus, I created this.

It’s a nice simple interface to omegle. You can use it to create any kind of omegle program you want. I thought of two things which I’ll post here. Note that to use them you must create a folder called OmeglePython and place “” in it. Then create a new file “”, which you can leave empty, in that same folder.

Anyways, first I created a program that connected unsuspecting omeglers to a chatbot. In this case, I connected them to Oliverbot. It’s actually not a very good chatbot, so I’m currently working on one for Cleverbot, which I find models human speech much better.

Secondly, I created a program for all you creepers out there. It creates to omegle clients to connect to two different people, and pass the messages received from each person along so it’s as though each person is talking to the other. That is, if A and B are actual people, and X and Y are the clients made by the program then messages go A-> X -> Y -> B and B -> Y -> X -> A.  You can see the messages as they’re being sent along. If you’re in the mood to troll, you can send a message yourself, impersonating either person. This can lead to rather humorous conversations if you’re lucky.


About rioghasarig

Just a high school student with an interest in math, science, programming, philosophy, religion, that's pretty much it.
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